A photo of the cover of "Throttle Elevator Music IV."

Throttle Elevator Music featuring Kamasi Washington

Cross Coltrane with The Clash and it would resemble the departure point Throttle Elevator Music leaps from. Tenor Saxophonist Kamasi Washington takes the lead and raises the bar of instrumental intensity on 16 original compositions ranging from shorter punk minded 45 second flurries to thematic uptempo romps, and rounding out with a few expansionary journeys. Kamasi’s melodic tonality melds nicely into the electric undercurrent laid down by punk drummer/guitarist Mike Hughes, Wide Hive Player’s bassist/keyboardist/composer Matt Montgomery, and Wide Hive Players composer/engineer/producer Gregory Howe.

  • A photo of Gregory Howe at the sound board.

    Gregory Howe

    Gregory Howe is a producer, engineer, musician and owner and founder of Wide Hive Records. Howe is an accomplished producer who has released over thirty albums through Wide Hive Records.

  • A photo of Kamasi Washington.

    Kamasi Washington

    Kamasi Washington is featured Saxophonist on Both Throttle Elevator Music and Phil Ranelin's Perseverance. Also as a composer Kamasi has scored for several films including Stacey Peralta's recent Independant Lens feature: Crips and Bloods: Made In America.

  • A photograph of Matt Montgomery playing bass in the Wide Hive Studio.

    Matt Montgomery

    Matthew Montgomery has performed or recorded with, abbreviated for brevity’s sake would include: Faye Carol, Calvin Keys, Donald “Duck” Bailey, Graham Connah, Hafez Modirzadeh, Eddie Gale, Mark Levine, Kevin Carnes and David Boyce (Professor Borris Karnaz and Black Edgar Kenyatta of Broun Fellinis), and Kat Ouano (Crown City Rockers).

  • A photo of Mike Hughes during the recording of "Jagged Rocks" (Throttle Elevator Music)

    Mike Hughes

    Michael Hughes is an American drummer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    He studied drumming at L.A. Music Academy with Joe Porcaro and Ralph
    Humphrey and spent a decade performing in LA with artists such as Tal
    Wilkenfeld, Frank Gambale, and Robben Ford. He is the drummer on "Heavy Feel" by Larry Coryell as well as Throttle Elevator Music's "Area J" and "Jagged Rocks" featuring Kamasi Washington.

    Releases by This Ensemble

  • A cover of the Wide Hive release, Throttle Elevator Music
  • A photo of the cover of the Wide Hive release, Throttle Elevator Music - Area J
  • A photo of the cover of the Wide Hive release, Throttle Elevator Music - Jagged Rocks
  • A picture of the album cover for "Throttle Elevator Music: Retrorespective."
Matt Montgomery playing a bass with Throttle Elevator Music.
Mike "Lumpy" Hughes playing drums with bassist Matt Montgomery in the project "Throttle Elevator Music."
Kamasi Washington playing a saxophone with the band "Throttle Elevator Music."