A photograph of Matt Montgomery playing bass in the Wide Hive Studio.

Matt Montgomery

Born in Oakland and a lifelong resident of the bay area, multi-instrumentalist and composer Matthew Montgomery is active in numerous musical circles and scenes. Informed by the music he grew up on, both local and global, from hardcore to classical and back again, he has repeatedly and stubbornly attempted to achieve competency in the divergent genres he occupies.

A list of notable musicians and groups he has performed or recorded with, abbreviated for brevity’s sake would include: Faye Carol, Calvin Keys, Donald “Duck” Bailey, Graham Connah, Hafez Modirzadeh, Eddie Gale, Mark Levine, Kevin Carnes and David Boyce (Professor Borris Karnaz and Black Edgar Kenyatta of Broun Fellinis), Kat Ouano (Crown City Rockers), Justin Meldahl Johnson (Beck), Justine Beatty, DJ Quest, Marco Eneidi, Luke Westbrook Tree+O, Dirtboys, Hank Mobley, Josh Allen, producer J.R. Rotem, Helene Renaut, and lately Adam Stephens (of Two Gallants).

    Releases by This Artist

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