A picture of the album cover for "Salsa Blanco" by Gregory Howe Gregorio Howe Y Compadres.

Salsa Blanco

Created in The Mission district of San Francisco in 2006 Salsa Blanco is made up of 10 songs written by Gregory Howe with some help from multi instrumentalist and musical compatriot Matt Montgomery, trombonist Mike Rinta, Trumpeter, Tim Hyland, and singers Lisa Rein and Nathalie Sanchez.

  • A photo of Gregory Howe at the sound board.

    Gregory Howe

    Gregory Howe is a producer, engineer, musician and owner and founder of Wide Hive Records. Howe is an accomplished producer who has released over thirty albums through Wide Hive Records.

  • A photograph of Matt Montgomery playing bass in the Wide Hive Studio.

    Matt Montgomery

    Matthew Montgomery has performed or recorded with, abbreviated for brevity’s sake would include: Faye Carol, Calvin Keys, Donald “Duck” Bailey, Graham Connah, Hafez Modirzadeh, Eddie Gale, Mark Levine, Kevin Carnes and David Boyce (Professor Borris Karnaz and Black Edgar Kenyatta of Broun Fellinis), and Kat Ouano (Crown City Rockers).

  • A photo of Nathalie Sanchez.

    Nathalie Sanchez

    Nathalie Sanchez is the primary voice behind dissent. Working with Gregory Howe, she created three albums: dissent, Swap Meet Seers, and Primal Deconstruction. She has collaborated with Kaskade, GE-Ology, Tommy Guerrero, DJ Boogie, Headnodic, and Ticklah.