Daggerboard and Erik Jakobsen LIVE

Daggerboard and Erik Jacobsen at the HIllside Club June 21

Join us for an evening of eight world premieres of music composed by the group Daggerboard and Erik Jekabson.

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The Hillside Club
2286 Cedar Street Berkeley, CA 94709

This performance will feature some of the very best of the Bay Area's musicians in brand new arrangements, mixing genres and pushing boundaries. To top it off, the night is being recorded for a new album for Wide Hive Records.

The Artists:

Conductor: Charith Premawardhana

Erik Jekabson - Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Wayne Van Lieu - French Horn

Alisa Rose, Mads Tolling - Violins

Jeff Cressman - Trombone

Keith Lawrence - Viola

William Winant - Percussion

Ben Davis - Cello

Jordan Samuels - Guitar

Mary Fettig - Flute

Ian McArdle - Piano

Dana Bauer - Oboe

Dan Feiszli - Bass

Harvey Wainapel - Clarinet/saxophone

Jon Arkin - Drum